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Miha Glavan

Postdoctoral associate
Department of Systems and Control
Jozef Stefan Institute


Dr. Miha Glavan is currently working as a Postdoctoral associate in the Department of Department of Systems and Control, Jozef Stefan Institute , Slovenia. He/she is serving as an editorial member and reviewer of several international reputed journals. He/ She has successfully completed his Administrative responsibilities.  

Research Interest

"modelling of dynamical systems neural networks model predictive control"  


  • Glavan M, GradiÅ¡ar D, Atanasijević-Kunc M, Strmčnik S, MuÅ¡ič G. Input variable selection for model-based production control and optimisation. The international journal of advanced manufacturing technology. 2013 Oct 1;68(9-12):2743-59.

  • GradiÅ¡ar D, Glavan M, Strmčnik S, MuÅ¡ič G. ProOpter: An advanced platform for production analysis and optimization. Computers in industry. 2015 Jun 30;70:102-15.

  • Glavan M, GradiÅ¡ar D, Invitto S, Humar I, Juričić Ð, Pianese C, Vrančić D. Cost optimisation of supermarket refrigeration system with hybrid model. Applied Thermal Engineering. 2016 Jun 25;103:56-66.

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