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Peter Panjan

Associate Professor
Department of Thin Films and Surfaces
Jozef Stefan Institute


Prof. Peter Panjan. has received his PhD in University of Ljubljana during the period of 1995 Currently, he/she is working as Associate Professor in Jožef Stefan Institute University.

Research Interest



  • Kek Merl D, Panjan P, Milošev I. Effect of tungsten content on properties of PVD sputtered Al–WX alloys. Surface Engineering. 2013 May 1;29(4):281-6.

  • Merl DK, Panjan P, Cekada M, Gselman P, Paskvale S. Tribocorrosion Degradation of Protective Coatings on Stainless Steel. Materiali in tehnologije. 2013 Jul 1;47(4):435-9.

  • Kek D, Mogensen M, Pejovnik S. A study of metal (Ni, Pt, Au)/yttria-stabilized zirconia interface in hydrogen atmosphere at elevated temperature. Journal of the Electrochemical Society. 2001 Aug 1;148(8):A878-86.

  • Merl DK, Panjan P, Panjan M, Čekada M. The role of surface defects density on corrosion resistance of PVD hard coatings. Plasma processes and polymers. 2007 Apr 1;4(S1).

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