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Robert Jeraj

Department of Reactor Physics
Jozef Stefan Institute


Dr. Robert Jeraj is working as professor in Department of Reactor Physics, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

Research Interest

"Reactor Physics - Plasma Physics - Medical Physics - Physics of Semiconductors"


  • Jeraj R, Zagar T, Ravnik M. MCNP/WIMS Monte Carlo burnup simulations applied to TRIGA research reactor. PHYSOR2002, Oct. 2002:7-10.

  • Jeraj R, Keall P. Monte Carlo-based inverse treatment planning. Physics in medicine and biology. 1999 Aug;44(8):1885.

  • Jeraj R, Keall PJ, Ostwald PM. Comparisons between MCNP, EGS4 and experiment for clinical electron beams. Physics in medicine and biology. 1999 Mar;44(3):705.

  • Jeraj R, Zagar T, Ravnik M. Monte Carlo simulation of the TRIGA Mark II benchmark experiment with burned fuel. Nuclear technology. 2002 Mar 1;137(3):169-80.

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