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Saso Sturm

senior scientist
Department of Nanostructured Materials
Jozef Stefan Institute


Saso Sturm, working as a scientist in Department of Nanostructured Materials, Jozef Stefan

Research Interest

Solid state synthesis of functional ceramics Hydrothermal synthesis of nanomaterials Complex metallic alloys


  • Kiener D, Zhang Z, Šturm S, Cazottes S, Imrich PJ, Kirchlechner C, Dehm G. Advanced nanomechanics in the TEM: effects of thermal annealing on FIB prepared Cu samples. Philosophical Magazine. 2012 Sep 1;92(25-27):3269-89.

  • Škofic IK, Šturm S, Čeh M, Bukovec N. CeO 2 thin films obtained by sol–gel deposition and annealed in air or argon. Thin Solid Films. 2002 Dec 20;422(1):170-5.

  • Logar M, Jančar B, Šturm S, Suvorov D. Weak polyion multilayer-assisted in situ synthesis as a route toward a plasmonic Ag/TiO2 photocatalyst. Langmuir. 2010 Jun 17;26(14):12215-24.

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