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Slavko Bernik

Senior Scientist
Department of Nanostructured Materials
Jozef Stefan Institute


Prof. Slavko Bernik is working as a senior scientist, scientific advisor in Department of Nanostructured Materials, Jozef Stefan Institute

Research Interest

High-temperature reactions, Phase equilibria, Microstructure development


  • Košir M, Podlogar M, Daneu N, Rečnik A, Guilmeau E, Bernik S. Phase formation, microstructure development and thermoelectric properties of (ZnO) k In 2 O 3 ceramics. Journal of the European Ceramic Society. 2017 Jul 31;37(8):2833-42.

  • Košir M, Čeh M, Ow‐Yang CW, Guilmeau E, Bernik S. Structural features and thermoelectric properties of Al‐doped (ZnO) 5In2O3 homologous phases. Journal of the American Ceramic Society. 2017 Aug 1;100(8):3712-21.

  • Guilmeau E, Díaz-Chao P, Lebedev OI, Rečnik A, Schäfer MC, Delorme F, Giovannelli F, Košir M, Bernik S. Inversion Boundaries and Phonon Scattering in Ga: ZnO Thermoelectric Compounds. Inorganic chemistry. 2016 Dec 19;56(1):480-7.

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