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Stojan Stavber

Research consultant
Physical and Organic Chemistry
Jozef Stefan Institute


Dr. STOJAN STAVBER, Ph. D. in chemistry, 1986 University of Ljubljana. Currently working as Research consultant in Department of Physical and Organic Chemistry, Jozef Stefan Institute

Research Interest

organic chemistry of halogen-substituted molecules, particularly with the methods and mechanism of selective introduction of a halogen atom into organic molecules under mild and green reaction conditions


  • Pavlinac J, Zupan M, Laali KK, Stavber S. Halogenation of organic compounds in ionic liquids. Tetrahedron. 2009 Jul 18;65(29):5625-62.

  • Pravst I, Zupan M, Stavber S. Halogenation of ketones with N-halosuccinimides under solvent-free reaction conditions. Tetrahedron. 2008 May 26;64(22):5191-9.

  • Podgoršek A, Stavber S, Zupan M, Iskra J. Bromination of ketones with H 2 O 2–HBr “on water”. Green chemistry. 2007;9(11):1212-8.

  • Žmitek K, Zupan M, Stavber S, Iskra J. Iodine as a Catalyst for Efficient Conversion of Ketones to g em-Dihydroperoxides by Aqueous Hydrogen Peroxide. Organic letters. 2006 Jun 8;8(12):2491-4.

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