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Svjetlana Fajfer

Head Of Theoretical Physics Department
Department of Theoretical Physics
Jozef Stefan Institute


"Born in 1954, graduated from University of Zagreb in 1979. In 1976 University of Sarajevo Golden Medal awarded for ”the excellence in the undergraduate curriculum” and in 2007 Zois award for excellence in scientific research, Ljubljana, Slovenia"

Research Interest

 Phenomenology of electroweak interactions, Noperturbative methods, Search for physics beyond Standard Model


  • Drobnak J, Fajfer S, Kamenik JF. Flavor changing neutral coupling mediated radiative top quark decays at next-to-leading order in QCD. Physical review letters. 2010 Jun 24;104(25):252001.

  • Fajfer S, KoÅ¡nik N. Leptoquarks in flavor changing neutral current charm decays. Physical Review D. 2009 Jan 26;79(1):017502.

  • Fajfer S, KoÅ¡nik N, PrelovÅ¡ek S. Updated constraints on new physics in rare charm decays. Physical Review D. 2007 Oct 12;76(7):074010.

  • Fajfer S, Greljo A, Kamenik JF, Mustać I. Light Higgs and vector-like quarks without prejudice. Journal of High Energy Physics. 2013 Jul 1;2013(7):155.

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