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Environmental Sciences

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Tea Zuliani

Trace element speciation
Jozef Stefan Institute


Tea Zuliani, Research Associate in Trace element speciation, Jozef Stefan Institute

Research Interest

"Development of analytical procedures for speciation of chromium, aluminium, tin, lead, cadmium, zinc and iron in environmental and biological samples. Development of analytical methods based on species-specific isotope dilution analysis. Research on metal partitioning in soil, sediments and waste materials. Bioavailability of trace elements in soil and sediments. Research on oxidation-reduction processes of chromium. Research on safe waste disposal (sludge from wastewater treatment plants, leather industry waste). Research on the re-use of industrial waste materials in civil engineering."


  • Heroult J, Zuliani T, Bueno M, Denaix L, Lespes G. Analytical advances in butyl-, phenyl-and octyltin speciation analysis in soil by GC-PFPD. Talanta. 2008 Apr 15;75(2):486-93.

  • Milačič R, Zuliani T, Ščančar J. Environmental impact of toxic elements in red mud studied by fractionation and speciation procedures. Science of the Total Environment. 2012 Jun 1;426:359-65.

  • Ščančar J, Zuliani T, Turk T, Milačič R. Organotin compounds and selected metals in the marine environment of Northern Adriatic Sea. Environmental monitoring and assessment. 2007 Apr 1;127(1):271-82.

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