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Viktor Kabanov

Jozef Stefan Institute


Dr. CHRISTOPH GADERMAIER working as Researcher in Department of COMPLEX MATTER, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia. He completed phd in Physics form Jozef Stefan Institute in 2008

Research Interest

Photophysics, optoelectronics and processing of two-dimensional materials


  • Gadermaier C, Grasse F, Perissinotto S, Graf M, Galbrecht F, Scherf U, List EJ, Lanzani G. Stark Spectroscopy of excited-state transitions in a conjugated polymer. Physical review letters. 2008 Feb 4;100(5):057401.

  • Gadermaier C, Kabanov VV, Alexandrov AS, Stojchevska L, Mertelj T, Manzoni C, Cerullo G, Zhigadlo ND, Karpinski J, Cai YQ, Yao X. Strain-induced enhancement of the electron energy relaxation in strongly correlated superconductors. Physical Review X. 2014 Mar 28;4(1):011056.

  • Gadermaier C, Alexandrov AS, Kabanov VV, Kusar P, Mertelj T, Yao X, Manzoni C, Brida D, Cerullo G, Mihailovic D. Electron-phonon coupling in high-temperature cuprate superconductors determined from electron relaxation rates. Physical review letters. 2010 Dec 13;105(25):257001.

  • Borzda T, Gadermaier C, Vujicic N, Topolovsek P, Borovsak M, Mertelj T, Viola D, Manzoni C, Pogna EA, Brida D, Antognazza MR. Charge Photogeneration in Few‐Layer MoS2. Advanced Functional Materials. 2015 Jun 1;25(22):3351-8.

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