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Prof. Dr. Urška Lavrenčič Štangar

Laboratory for Environmental and Life Sciences
University of Nova Gorica


Education and Professional Qualifications: 1990 B.Sc. Chemistry, University of Ljubljana, 1993 M.Sc. Chemistry, University of Ljubljana, 1996 Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Ljubljana, Thesis: The Investigation of Optical, Structural and Intercalation Properties of Thin Films for Electrochromic Devices (supervisor: prof. dr. Boris Orel, National Institute of Chemistry), 2002 Habilitation to Assistant Professor for Inorganic Chemistry (University of Nova Gorica), 2008 Habilitation to Associate Professor for Chemistry (University of Nova Gorica) and 2013 Habilitation to Full Professor for Chemistry (University of Nova Gorica).

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Environmental and Life Sciences

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