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Valero Garcés, Blas L.

Research Professor
Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología
Solomon Islands


I work on the reconstruction of past global changes (climate, environmental, human-induced) from lake archives at decadal to millennial scales. My approach is based on sedimentological and geochemical proxies but integrates biological indicators as well. I have been involved in projects in South America (Chile, Argentina, Perú, Lake Titicaca), North America (Great Salt Lake and northern Great Plains), Spain and Easter Island. I collaborate in several ICDP projects as Lake Junín (Perú) and Mexidril (Chalco Basin, Mexico).

Research Interest

The aims of my work include the understanding of depositional and biogeochemical cycles in lake dynamics, and its application to the reconstruction of past climate changes and the impact of human activities in lake systems. I collaborate with LacCore at the University of Minnesota and the Laboratorio Internacional de Cambio Global (LINCG), a Spanish – Chilean – Brazilian research consortium

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