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Kassim Owino

Managing Director
Bo-Jac Seed Co.
South Africa


An industry expert with more than 25 years of successful experience, Kassim Owino is a powerful business development person and manager whose entrepreneurial skills and strategic vision have pushed multiple companies through rapid and continuous growth. Kassim started as a field agronomist and a plantation manager, taking care of a variety of crop enterprises including coffee, pineapples and a wide range of export vegetables and flowers. He then moved to advisory and sales roles in the field of high value export crops in ornamentals and export horticulture across the East African region and was a key player in the export boom in the late 1990’s; and then to senior-level executive position. In every company, including Kenwind, Novartis, Syngenta and now SeedCo, Kassim has achieved outstanding personal and team results. He finds his greatest motivation in mentoring and coaching other to perform beyond expectations. Kassim Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from the University of Nairobi (Kenya) and a Master’s degree in Genetics and Plant Breeding from the University of Cambridge (UK) besides other qualifications and currently pursuing an MBA in strategic planning.

Research Interest

Agriculture, Genetics and Plant Breeding

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