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Jennifer Ella Wehrmeyer

Senior lecturer
School of languages
North-West University
South Africa

Jennifer Ella Wehrmeyer


Jennifer Ella Wehrmeyer is currently working as Senior lecturer in North-West University, South Africa.

Research Interest

My research career started in the mid-2000s when I studied ideology transfer in Bible translation and followed this with a doctorate in signed language interpreting. I focus on understanding the kinds of decisions made by translators and interpreters during the process of translation or interpreting and how these reflect in their products. This includes an interest in cognitive processing, Deaf Studies, eye-tracking and corpus-driven research. I previously worked as a scientific researcher at the National Energy Commission of South Africa (NECSA). While my own children were growing up, I worked as a high school teacher of English, mathematics and physical science and later as founder-director of an upgrading college. Thereafter, I accepted a senior lectureship at the University of South Africa while I completed my doctorate. I started to work at the NWU in 2014 at the level of senior lecturer. Currently, I am involved in the research focus area UPSET (Understanding and Processing Language in Complex Settings). I sit on the UPSET and Ethics committees of the School of Languages. My postgraduate students study topics related to the translation of children’s literature, cognitive processes in translating, the role of court interpreters and the translation of literary works.


  • Wehrmeyer, J. 2014. A reception-oriented model for translation evaluation. Pending publication in SALALS 33(3).

  • Wehrmeyer, J. 2015. An annotation system for signed language interpreting corpora. Accepted for publication in Hermeneus.

  • Wehrmeyer, J. 2015. Comprehension of television news sign language interpreters –a South African perspective. Accepted for publication in Interpreting.

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