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Marthie Van Der Walt

Research Professor
Self-Directed Learning
North-West University
South Africa


Marthie Van der Walt is currently working as Research Professor (Self-Directed Learning) in North-West University, South Africa.

Research Interest

Both quantitative and qualitative research approaches are used in her research. Her research focuses on the possible value of meta-cognition for the teaching-learning of mathematics in the 21st century to foster self-directed learning (SDL).


  • VanderWalt,M.S.ICMI Study 21(International Commission on Mathematics Instruction)(SaoPaolo,Brazil,16-20 September 2011).Mathematics education and language diversity: Using adapted lesson study to facilitate mathematics pre- service teachers’ metacognitive thinking skills and mathematical literacy (language) .

  • VanderWalt,M.S.9th International Oxford Symposium:School-based Family Counseling (Hong Kong 19-24June2011)My intertwined personal and academic life stories

  • Holm,J.,Stoker,P.,& VanderWalt,M.S.Engineering Systems Engineering in Engineering Education(IEEE)(Faculty of Engineering, NWU).2010

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