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Mgadla Isaac Xaba

Associate Professor
Education management
North-West University
South Africa


Ike Xaba is currently working as Associate Professor in North-West University, South Africa.

Research Interest

My research focus then shifted to school governance and aspects related to the effectiveness of school governing body functioning. To this end, I have written nine papers on matters related to school governance. Of these, six were published in journals indexed internationally and three indexed nationally. My focus continues to be in this discipline and I am currently working on a project comparing school governing bodies in well-performing and poorly-performing schools.


  • Xaba, M.I. 2004. The difficulties of school development planning. South African Journal of Education. . 26(1):15-26.

  • Xaba, M.I. 2004. Governors or watchdogs? The role of educators in school governing bodies. South African Journal of Education.

  • Xaba, M.I. 2003. Managing teacher turnover.South African Journal of Education. 23:287-292.

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