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Nicola Smit

Executive Dean
Faculty of Law
North-West University
South Africa


Nicola Smit is currently working as Executive Dean (Faculty of Law) in North-West University, South Africa.

Research Interest

Nicola Smit completes the degrees BLC (cum laude) and LLB (cum laude) at the University of Pretoria. Thereafter she completes the degree LLD at the former RAU. The title of her thesis was “The Labour Law Implications of the Transfer of an Undertaking as a Going Concern”. She is focusing on labour law, in particular the fair protection of employees, including employees in the informal sector. Nicola had already published 40 articles in accredited national and international journals and is involved as associate editor and/or author for more than 12 books. In January 2013 she joined the NWU Faculty of Law (Potchefstroom campus) as Dean.


  • Olivier MP & Smit N “Transfer of a business, trade or undertaking: recent case law developments” 1999 De Rebus 83.

  • Smit N “A comparative perspective of gender discrimination in the workplace (including discrimination due to pregnancy and family responsibilities)” 1998 TSAR 494.

  • Smit N “Word werksekuriteit gewaarborg in die lig van artikel 197 van die Wet op Arbeidsverhoudinge 66 van 1995?” 1997 TSAR 548.

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