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Christopher Mcquaid

Zoology and Entomology
Rhodes University
South Africa


"Chair of Zoology and SARCHI Research Chair in Marine Biology. His research is mainly docussed on Intertidal Biology Southern Oceans research."

Research Interest

"Intertidal Biology Southern Oceans research"


  • Puccinelli E, Noyon M, McQuaid CD (2016) Hierarchical effects of biogeography and upwelling shape the dietary signatures of benthic filter feeders. Mar Ecol Prog Ser 543: 37-54.

  • Danckwerts DK, McQuaid CD, Connan M, Smale MJ, Corre ML, et al. (2016) Intra-annual variation in the foraging ecology of the endangered endemic Barau’s Petrel (Pterodroma baraui) from RĂ©union Island, south-western Indian Ocean: insights from a multifaceted approach. Mar Biol 163: 1-15.

  • Plass-Johnson JG, McQuaid CD, Hill JM (2016) Morphologically similar, coexisting hard corals (Porites lobata and P. solida) display similar trophic isotopic ratios across reefs and depths. Mar Freshw Res 67: 671-676.

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