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Heidi Du Clou

Sugar Milling Research Institute NPC
South Africa


Heidi du Clou has her expertise in analytical chemistry, chemical method development and biopolymer structure elucidation. She is passionate about biopolymers, mass spectroscopy and rheology. Heidi has been involved in the sugarcane industry since 2009. Her research for this industry has led to the development of several methods that enable the analysis of biopolymers within complex sugar matrices, and the compilation of a carbohydrate mass spectral library specific to the polysaccharides found in the industry. Her passion for rheology has led to an improved understanding of sugarcane-derived biopolymer solution behaviour, which has initiated a multitude of new research possibilities for the sugarcane processing industry.

Research Interest



  • Carbohydrate biopolymers associated with the South African sugar industry

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