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Gobardhan Das

Department of Human Health
University of Kwazulu-Natal South
South Africa


Gobardhandas Ph.D in Institute of Microbial Technology, India. 1997, Thesis on Immunological basis of Susceptibility and Resistance in Animal Models of tuberculosis, A Special Focus on T cell Tolerance , Post Doctoral Training: Prof. Charles A Janeway laboratory at Yale University School of Medicine, Howard Hughes Medical Institute. 19972002, Interest includes Innate like lymphocytes that adjoins innate and adaptive immunity, Senior Scientist in Aventis Pharmaceuticals 20022007, Interest includes Identification and validation of druggable targets for the intervention of allergic and autoimmune diseases.

Research Interest

Gobardhan Research interests include Conventional treatment for tuberculosis involves several antibiotics, a lengthy treatment regimen with expensive drugs, and a high risk of generating drug-resistant forms of the tuberculoid organisms (M. tb). Our laboratory is interested in small molecule directed immunotherapy to promote the generation of immunocytes that provide immunity, and simultaneously inhibit disease-promoting immunocytes. To modulate these immunocytes, we are interested in identifying molecular targets in these cells. Thus, our method has three advantages over conventional antibiotic treatment: expulsion of the harbored tuberculoid organisms; generation of signature protective memory responses; and lack of selection for drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis (MDRs).

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