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Winston G

Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
University Of Venda
South Africa


He is a professor of Modelling Health and Environmental Linkages Research Group (MHELRG), Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Venda

Research Interest

His  current research interests focus on environmemntally driven infectious diseases of humans. The intention is develop unified mathematical modelling frameworks for the immuno-epidemiology of such infections. I use human schistosomiasis, hookworn infection and paratuberculosis to illustrate the modelling frameworks.


  • Mukandavire Z, Garira W, Tchuenche JM (2009) Modelling effects of public health educational campaigns on HIV/AIDS transmission dynamics. Appl Math Model 33:2084–2095

  • Ngarakana-Gwasira, E.T., Bhunu, C.P., Mushayabasa, S., HoveMusekwa, S.D., Garira, W., Tchuenche, J.M.: Exploring the effects of parameter heterogeneity on the intrinsic dynamics of HIV/AIDS in heterosexual settings. International Journal of Biomathematics. 4, 75-92 (2011)

  • Z. Mukandavire, W. Garira, HIV/AIDS model for assessing the effects of prophylactic sterilizing vaccines, condoms and treatment with amelioration, J. Biol. Syst. 14 (3) (2006), in press.

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