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Antonio Abel Lozano-pérez

Imida Murciano Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Development, Spain


Antonio Abel Lozano-Pérez completed BSc degree in Biochemistry and Chemistry from University of Murcia, Spain and gained a PhD in Chemistry from University of Murcia, Spain. In 2010, he gained a position as PhD researcher in the Biotechnology Department of the IMIDA (Murcia, Spain) to develop new applications of the silk fibroin nanoparticles. He has his expertise in chemistry of the silk fibroin and in processing the silk to obtain nanoparticles for drug loading and delivery useful for nanomedicine. He has developed these nanoparticles after years of experience in research and development, both in the University of Murcia and IMIDA Institutions.

Research Interest

Biosimilars, Biologics, Biomedicines

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