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Salvador Aznar-cervantes

Imida Murciano Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Development, Spain


Salvador Aznar-Cervantes works as a Researcher in the Department of Biotechnology in the R&D Center in Biotechnology and Biomedicine, IMIDA (Murcia). He obtained his Degree in Biology from the University of Murcia (2006), then he completed his Doctoral thesis, working as a Grant Holder (FPI-INIA), under the guidance of Dr. José Luis Cenis Anadón, in January 2013. While he is pursuing his PhD, he researched on biotechnological and biomedical applications of the silk worm (Bombyxmori). This period was complemented with 3 successive visits (2010, 2011, and 2012) to the Department of Chemical Engineering of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he also collaborated with Tufts University (Professor David L Kaplan) and the Massachusetts General Hospital (Professor Robert Redmond).

Research Interest

Biosimilars, Biologics, Biomedicines

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