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Dr. Stephen L. Gomes

Sri Lanka


 Dr. Gomes' business strategy and alliance consulting activities as well as his international MBA and MPA courses and teaching. Gomes and Company specializes exclusively in creating, implementing, and revitalizing joint ventures and strategic alliances and working with early-stage start-up companies and non-profits. As the organization’s founder and senior partner, Dr. Stephen L. Gomes, has become one of the leading experts in the U.S. in all forms of strategic inter-organizational cooperation and collaboration. He has focused both on applied business stragegy as well as teaching the principles of international business strategy and alliances at universities all over the world. In 2008, after a several year-long sabbatical, Dr. Gomes returned to a very active business practice. At last count, he has lived, worked and taught in over 78 countries to date.

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