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  Credentials: PT, DPT My official Title(s): Physical Therapist Specialize In or Special Training in (if applicable, sports medicine, video analysis, TMD, balance, billing, marketing: will be beginning the journey towards an MDT certification. I have been with CPR since (year you started with the company): July 2015  Hometown (where I grew up): Almont, MI    The best part of my job: Meeting people and helping them return to their life activities by regaining their ability to move freely and easily.  The most rewarding part of my job: The smile on a patient's face and their excitement to move. Why I chose to work at CPR: I wanted to work at a clinic that provided the highest standards in patient-centered care, ethical practice, patient advocacy, and support in its clinicians' professional development.   A good weekend includes: church, trail running/hiking (and being outside in general), games and talks with friends and family, tea and coffee, cooking and eating, getting into shenanigans and silliness, and a little bit of video games.  Something that might surprise you about me: I dabble in art and I used to draw almost daily from ages 3 to 8.  Four Quick Facts About Me: 1. I enjoy week-long backpacking trips. 2. Bucket-list item: run the Boston marathon. 3. I have been swing dancing in downtown GR off and on for 6 years and counting. 4. I would like to write and publish a novel someday (genre not determined at this time)

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