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A.d.l.c. Perera

Department of Chemistry
University of Peradeniya
Sri Lanka


PhD :Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan; MSc :Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan; BSc(Hon.) :University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

Research Interest

Carbohydrate liquid crystals; Synthesis of carbohydrate liquid crystals for use as liquid crystals and surfactants and applications in drug delivery and in cosmetic industry. Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric liquid crystals; Study of new subphases in ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric liquid crystals. Application of low-cost, naturally available waste material, coconut coir dust, for desalination applications, removal of hardness from natural hard water, removal of fluoride from water etc. Chemical Education.


  • “Discovery of a novel ferrielectric subphase of five-layer periodicity in binary mixtures of chiral smectic liquid crystals exhibiting unusual reversed phase sequence”, A. D. L. Chandani, Atsuo Fukuda, S. Kumar, and Jagdish K. Vij, Liquid Crystals,38(5) (2011) 663.

  • “Degeneracy lifting due to thermal fluctuations around the frustration point between anticlinic antiferroelectric SmCA* and syncline ferroelectric SmC*”, K. L. Sandhya, A. D. L. Chandani, A. Fukuda. J. K. Vij and K. Ishikawa (submitted)

  • “Liquid crystal behavior of three novel glycosides”, A. R. N. M. Abeyrathne, A. D. L. Chandani Perera and D. N. Karunaratne, J. Natn. Sci. Foundation Sri Lanka, 40, 2, (2012) 115-121

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