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Niromi K Jayasekara

Senior Lecturer
Department of Basic Veterinary Sciences
University of Peradeniya
Sri Lanka


BVSc (Cey), MSc (Illinois), PhD (Illinois).

Research Interest

Reproductive Biology.


  • Arambepola NK, Bunick D and Cooke PS (1998b) Thyroid hormone and follicle stimulating hormone regulate Mullerian-inhibiting substance messenger ribonucleic acid expression in cultured neonatal rat Sertoli cells. Endocrinology 139 4489-4495

  • Arambepola NK, Bunick D, Cooke PS (1998a) Thyroid hormone effects on androgen receptor (AR) messenger RNA expression in rat Sertoli and peritubular cells. J Endocrinol 156:43-50

  • Jansen, HT, Kirby JD, Cooke, PS, Arambepola, NK, Iwamoto, GA (2007) Impact of neonatal hypothyroidism on reproduction in the male hamster, Mesocricetus auratus. Physiology & Behavior 90:771-781

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