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R. S. Kalupahana

Senior Lecturer
Department of Veterinary Public Health & Pharmacology
University of Peradeniya
Sri Lanka


BVSc (Peradeniya), PhD (Cantab).

Research Interest

Investigating food-borne pathogens with the aim of assuring the quality of food of animal origin.


  • Kottawatta K.S.A., Abeynayake P., Gunasena A.R.C. and Kalupahana R.S. (2008) Occurrence of thermotolerant Campylobacter in broiler meat and broilers from four provinces of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka Veterinary Journal. 55.pp 19.

  • Kalupahana R.S., Mastroeni P., Maskell D. and Blacklaws B.A. (2005) Activation of murine dendritic cells and macrophages induced by Salmonella enterica serova Typhimurium. Immunology 2005 Aug; 115(4): 462-72.

  • Kalupahana R., Emilianus A.R., Maskell D. and Blacklaws B. Salmonella enterica serova Typhimurium expressing mutant lipid A with decreased endotoxicity causes maturation of murine dendritic cells. Infect Immun 2003 Nov; 71(11): 6132-40.

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