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V. A. Seneviratne

Department of Physics
University of Peradeniya
Sri Lanka


PhD :Physics, University of Oklahoma, Norman, USA. May 2004; MSc :Physics, University of Oklahoma, Norman, USA. May 2002;BSc :Physics (first class honors), University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. April 1996.

Research Interest

My main research interests are in ion conducting polymers for possible applications in lithium batteries. I mainly study local structures in the amorphous phases in these polymer-salt systems. Here, the local structures means, the different ionic species present and the polymer conformations. I also study the conductivity enhancement of polymer electrolytes with ceramic fillers.


  • Seneviratne, V.; Frech, R.; Furneaux, J. E.; Khan, M. “Characterization of Crystalline and Solution Phases of Diglyme-LiSbF6”, J. Phys. Chem. B. 2004, 108, 8124-8128.

  • Andreev, Y. G.; Seneviratne, V.; Khan, M.; Hendeson, W. A.; Frech, R.;, Bruce, P.G.; “The Crystal Structures of Poly(ethylene oxide)3LiBF4 and (Diglyme)nLiBF4 (n=1,2)”, Chem. Mater. 2005, 17, 767-772.

  • H.M.J.C. Pitawala, M.A.K.L. Dissanayake, V.A. Seneviratne: “Combined effect of Al2O3 nano-fillers and EC plasticizer on ionic conductivity enhancement in the solid polymer electrolyte (PEO)9LiTf “ Solid State Ionics, Volume 178, Issues 13-14, 31 May 2007, Pages 885-888.

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