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V.a. Sumanasinghe

Department of Agricultural Biology
University of Peradeniya
Sri Lanka


PhD (Penn State, USA), M Sc (Penn State, USA), B.Sc. (Agric, PDN).

Research Interest

Molecular Genetics, Recombinant DNA Technology, Plant Breeding.


  • T.J. Koswatta, P. Samaraweera, V.A.Sumanasinghe (2011). A Simple Comparison between Specific Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Tools. . Presented for publication in Tropical Agricultural Research. Vol; 23

  • S. Maheswaran1, VA Sumanasinghe2, and P. Samaraweera (2011). INTERNAL TRANSCRIBED SPACER SEQUENCES OF THREE Exacum SPECIES. presented on 24 November, purse 2011.

  • Subasinghe K.H.,.Sumanasinghe V.A , and Liyanage K.K( 2010). verification of genetical identity of twin rubber plants by RAPD analysis. presented on 16 December, purse 2010.

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