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W.a. Inoka P. Karunaratne

Department of Zoology
University of Peradeniya
Sri Lanka


Member of the curriculum revision committee, Faculty of Science – February, 2017 - (February, 2017); Member of the Arts Council - (September 2015 to date); Member of English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) committee - (Since June 2013) Member of the Pollinator Conservation Advisory Group formed by the Ministry of Environment - (March 2012 to date); Central Province – University of Peradeniya Center Coordinator of the National Biology Olympiad Examination conducted by the Institute of Biology - (2011 – 2014); Member of the National Bioethics Committee (NBC) of the National Science Foundation - (2006 -2008).

Research Interest

Bees –taxonomy, ecology and bee pollination of vegetable crops in Sri Lanka. Ants – taxonomy and distribution of litter ants and their diversity and species composition in habitats under different disturbance regimes. Fig insects – the effect of forest fragmentation on the mutualistic relationship between figs and their specific pollinator fig wasps. Insects of Forensic Importance – flies causing human and animal myiasis and their development.


  • Jayasinghe S., Silva S. E. and Karunaratne W.A.I.P.; (2017). Buzzing wild bee visits enhance seed set in eggplant, Solanum melongena. Hindawi Publishing Corporation. Psyche, Volume 2017: Article ID 4624062, 7 pages.

  • Rapid survey of damage due to gall wasp infestation in a coppiced Eucalyptus camaldulensis plantation in Maragamuwa, Naula in the Matale district of Sri Lanka (2010)

  • An updated checklist of bees of Sri Lanka with new records. (2005)

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