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W.a. Priyanka .p. De Silva

Senior Lecturer
Department of Zoology
University of Peradeniya
Sri Lanka


Animal Behavior Society (2012- present); Membership-Award Entomological Society of America (2012 to present); Membership-Award Society for the Study of Evolution (2012-2014) West Texas Women in Science (2012-2014); Membership-Award Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science (Life Member) University of Peradeniya; Membership-Award Science Alumni Association UPSAA (Life Member) Texas Tech University, Alumni association (Life Member).

Research Interest

Evolution of blood feeding behavior, mosquitoes that feed on anurans and birds, Zoonosis diseases, host choice and host seeking behavior of blood feeding insects, control measures of vector borne diseases Blood feeding pattern and host choice of mosquitoes are major biological events that facilitate the transmission cycles of vector-borne pathogens. Anurans and birds serve as amplifying hosts for many pathogens including viruses that are transmissible to humans and other wildlife. Such disease causing pathogens are transmitted to humans and wildlife through the bites of mosquitoes. In Sri Lanka, any description on these mosquitoes and their role in transmitting diseases to anurans, wild birds and other organisms have never been reported. Our research focus on identification of mosquitoes that preferentially feed on anurans and birds, the diversity, distribution, abundance and biting behavior of those mosquitoes as well as to identify the potential zoonosis diseases that can be transmitted from birds and anurans to humans and other wildlife of Sri Lanka.


  • Aihara, Ikkyu, de Silva, P. and Ximena E. Bernal; (2016). "Acoustic Preference of Frog‐Biting Midges (Corethrella spp) Attacking TĂșngara Frogs in their Natural Habitat.". Ethology, 122.2: 105-113.).

  • Characterization of knock-down resistance in DDT and pyrethroid resistant Culex quinquefasciatus populations from Sri Lanka. (2008)

  • Use of acoustic signals in mating in an eavesdropping frog-biting midge. (2015)

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