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Dr. R.g.s.wijesekara

Senior Lecturer
Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries
Wayamba University
Sri Lanka


He is a Senior Lecturer, Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries, Faculty of Livestock, Fisheries & Nutrition at Wayamba University of Sri Lanka.

Research Interest

Improvement of water quality by electrolysis  Use of renewable energy in aquaculture to increase aquaculture production to improve the product quality Use of herbal extract in disease management and control Incorporation of aquaculture and fishery products to improve bakery products


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  •  Zhanbo Hu, Ronald Navarro, Nakao Nomura, Hainan Kong, Saman Wijesekara R.G and Masatoshi Matsumura. Changes in Chlorinated Organic Pollutants and Heavy Metal Content of Sediments during pyrolysis. Environmental Science and Pollution Research International (2007) Vol.14, No 1, pp. 12-18.

  • Saman Wijesekara. R.G., Nakao Nomura and Masatoshi Matsumura., Electrochemical removal of ammonia, chemical oxygen demand and energy consumption from aquaculture waters containing different marine algal species. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Vol 80 No 12 (2005) pp. 1408-1415.

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