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Nahla Hashim Hassan Erwa

Department of Microbiology and Parasitology
Medicine Khartoum University


In pre-registration posts I achieved: - Confidence in dealing and communicating with patients and their relatives. - Competence in dealing with Medical, Surgical and Paediatric emergencies and new admissions. - Competence in clerking and aspects of management of patients relevant to each of the three disciplines. Medical Experience - Dealt with most of the medical emergencies in the casualty departments of Internal Medicine and Paediatrics. - Gained competence in dealing with: Paediatric dehydration and malnutrition. Infectious tropical diseases with special reference to Tuberculosis, Malaria, Mycetoma and Leishmaniases. - I was able to perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as venous cut down, lumbar puncture and gastric lavage. - Dealt with Psychiatric problems and attended and helped with psychotherapy and E.C.T. sessions. Surgical Experience - Gained competence in dealing with general surgical emergencies such as haemorrhages, acute abdomen and abscesses. - Theatre assistance in abdominal surgical operations such as appendicectomies, herniotomies and cholecystectomies. - Surgical skills such as wound stitching. - Surgical management of patients with Mycetoma. - Covered the Orthopaedic casualty department and dealt with different fractures, haemorrhages and other Orthopaedic problems. Also assisted in various procedures, applied plasters and removed screws and plates from healed fractures. Other experiences - Exposure and competence in dealing with Obstetric and Gynaecological cold cases and emergencies. - Participated in minor Gynaecological procedures, normal deliveries and caesarean sections. - Very actively participated in case presentations to medical students during seminars, tutorials and surgical clubs. - Prepared tutorials at the different units joined throughout the pre registration and internship periods.

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