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Anwar Hassan Ibrahim

Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering
Qassim University


Anwar Hassan Ibrahim is currently working in Qassim University

Research Interest

Wireless and Personal Communication, Mobile Communication


  • Mohammed F. Alsharekh ,Anwar Hassan Ibrahim ,Muhammed Islam SOM Attributes for a Ubiquitous P2P Communication in Wireless LAN Application Trends in Applied Sciences Research ,Vol.11 ,Issue12,ppt 44 - 49 2016

  • Mohammed F. Alsharekh - Unaizah,Muhammad Islam - QEC,Anwar Hassn Ibrahim - QEC Bit Error Rate Performance of RFID Signal in SDR Communication Journal of Applied Sciences ,Vol.16 ,Issue4,ppt 161 -166 2016

  • Anwar Hassan Ibrahim (QEC),Muhammad Islam S. Khan (QEC), Mohammed F. Alsharekh (Unaizah) Migration from LTE to Outernet: Trends, Implementation & Opportunities in Saudi Arabia 2nd International Conference and Business Expo on Wireless & Telecommunication ,Vol.2 ,Issue2,ppt 123 -128 2016

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