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Boran Ibrahim Abureish

Associate Professor
Department of Biology
University of Khartoum


Professional Experience All in the University of Khartoum,Faculty of science , Department of Botany : Demonstrator August 1970—————March 1974 Teaching Assistant March1974—————March 1984 Assistant Professor March 1984 —————-March 1992 Associate professor March 1992 ———— Head of Department September 1996 —September 1998 Education ï‚· April 1970 B.Sc. Botany University of Khartoum. September1974 M.Sc. Botany University of Khartoum. April 1982 Ph.D. University of Khartoum. January – November 1978 study course (part of the Ph . D.) at North Western University, Department of Biology .Illinois. U.S.A. Gas chromatography of cell wall components . March – December 1987 . Post Doctorate studies in the department of Biology , Berkbeck Collage ( University of London ) and at the Jodrell Laboratory ( Royal Botanic Gardens ) to study the relations between the parasitic plant Loranthus acacia and its host plants , including intensive training in the scanning electron microscope . August – December 1994 . Joined research during the Sabbatical leave at the Department of Biology ,Birkbeck Collage , (University ofLondon) studying The variations of seed coats and micropyle ofdifferent varieties of Vicia faba ( Broad Bean) of the Sudan , using thescanning electron microscope.

Research Interest

Phytochemical studies

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