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Boran Ibrahim Abureish

Associate Professor
Department of Biology
University of Khartoum


Professional Experience All in the University of Khartoum,Faculty of science , Department of Botany : Demonstrator August 1970—————March 1974 Teaching Assistant March1974—————March 1984 Assistant Professor March 1984 —————-March 1992 Associate professor March 1992 ———— Head of Department September 1996 —September 1998 Education  April 1970 B.Sc. Botany University of Khartoum. September1974 M.Sc. Botany University of Khartoum. April 1982 Ph.D. University of Khartoum. January – November 1978 study course (part of the Ph . D.) at North Western University, Department of Biology .Illinois. U.S.A. Gas chromatography of cell wall components . March – December 1987 . Post Doctorate studies in the department of Biology , Berkbeck Collage ( University of London ) and at the Jodrell Laboratory ( Royal Botanic Gardens ) to study the relations between the parasitic plant Loranthus acacia and its host plants , including intensive training in the scanning electron microscope . August – December 1994 . Joined research during the Sabbatical leave at the Department of Biology ,Birkbeck Collage , (University ofLondon) studying The variations of seed coats and micropyle ofdifferent varieties of Vicia faba ( Broad Bean) of the Sudan , using thescanning electron microscope.

Research Interest

Phytochemical studies

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