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Dr. Elamin Abd Elgalil Mohmoud

Mechanical Engineering
University of Khartoum


Consultant Engineer at Sudanese Customs, 2008-2012 Member of the Faculty Board Faculty of Engineering, University of Khartoum, 1999-2010 Member of the Senate, University of Khartoum, 1999-2010 Head of Design & Manufacturing Section, 2000-2010 Head of “System Engineering Section”, Faculty of Engineering, University of Khartoum 1999-2000 Lecturing at the University of Sudan for Science and Technology (Pat-Time), 2001 Lecturing at the University of Juba (Part-Time), 1999-2001 Lecturing at the University of Science & Technology, (SpecialContract), 1998-Present Lecturing at the Karary University of Technology (Part-Time), 1997-2004 Lecturing at Al-Azhary University (Part-Time), 1997-1999 Member and Consultant of “Business and Management Services Co. Ltd (BAMS)”, 1991-2003 Associate Professor, Omdurman Islamic University (Part-Time), 1996-2003 Associate Professor, University of Khartoum, 1996-Present (Full-Time) Fellow of the National Council for Research, 1995-1996 Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department & Member of the Omdurman Islamic University Senate, 1995-1996 Member of the Managing Board of the Institute of Technological Research, National Council Research, 1994-1999 Member of the Council of the National Economic Board, 1993-1995 Associate Professor, University of Khartoum, 1988-1996 (Part-Time) Manager, Military Statistics Branch (G.II.Q), 1994 Managing Director, National Industrial Corporation, 1992 Head of Department, Administration of Technical Affairs (G.H.Q), 1991 General Manager (National Company for Public Transportation-Military Economic Board, 1989 Head of Technical Affairs & Planning; W/S Manager Instructor & Director of Technical School Production Engineer, then Production Manager, (Arms Crop W/S), 1971-1976 Technical Officer at Sudanese Armed Forces (ranks from 1st. Lieut. Through to Major General), 1971-1995 Service Engineer, Sudanese Tractors Crop. ‘CATERPILLAR’, 1970.

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Mechanical Engineering

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