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Dr.gamal H.seedahmed

Survey Engineering
University of Khartoum


Dr Gamal Seedahmed is a specialist in geospatial information technologies and Sciences. Dr. Seedahmed is a founder and president of NG4 GeoSpatial Solutions, which is a digital mapping company that delivers training, consultancy, software development, and services in geospatial information technologies and applications. NG4 was located in USA. Dr. Seedahmed was an assistant professor of Geomatics at University of Florida, USA; and currently he is holding a similar position at the University of Khartoum. Before joining the University of Florida, he worked for 6 years in The Pacific Northwest National Lab-US Department of Energy (DOE) as a senior research scientist in which he led the research and development in digital mapping and remote sensing. He worked extensively on several issues that are related to digital mapping, GIS problems solving and applications development, and geospatial information technology development. In particular, he developed new methods and techniques for automatic co-registration of geospatial data, GIS data update and fusion, sensors calibration and geo-registration, feature extraction, remote sensing in minerals exploration, and video sequence analysis. In his assignment at University of Florida, he was in charge of the geomatics program at a new campus of the University of Florida. Dr. Seedahmed is serving in several international committees, a member of international scientific socities, as well as a reviewer for 4 journals that are related to digital mapping. He is a recipient of several prestigious international awards in Digital mapping and photogrammetry; and he has over 24 years of experience in digital photogrammetry, Industrial & Engineering Measurement, Use of Remote Sensing For Minerals Exploration such as Gold & Water, and GIS. His experience spans research and development, systems design and implementation, teaching, project management, and consultancy. He had been responsible for over 100 mapping projects.

Research Interest

Automatic Alignment of GIS Vector Data and High-Resolution Satellite Imagery. Funded by The Topographic Engineering

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