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Nazik Gafer Omer Abu Hassabo

Chemical Engineering Department
University of Khartoum


Education  Ph.d. Student in Chemical Engineering, University of Khartoum, 2007, Kh.Sudan. Modeling Planning & Control of Sudanese Heavy Crude Oil. Case Study: Fulla Crude Oil. Supervised by: Dr.Kamal Eldin Eltayeb. M.Sc. in Industrial and Computational Mathematics, University of Khartoum, 2003, Kh.Sudan. Design of Fractionation Column Under Mathematical Tools, using Matlab. Supervised by: Dr.Mohssin Abd Allah. B.Sc in Chemical Engineering with Honor Degree (II Div.I) University of Khartoum,1999. Design of Soft Drinks Factory. Supervised by: Dr.Mohammed E.Abu Joukh. Work Experience 2005- TD Lecturer, Chemical Eng. Dept. Lecturing courses as Mass Transfer Operations for senior chemical engineering students, Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Economics, Industrial Safety, supervise the unit operations/general Labs activities. Supervising special selected projects for students as a part of graduation thesis requirements. 1999-2005 TA, Chem. Eng. Dept. Assisting professors in teaching the subjects of Mass/Heat Transfer, Control Processes and Engineering Economics. Position / Professional Responsibilities 2008 – TD Chemical Engineering Department Secretary. 2011 – TD Coordinator of the departmental evaluation and development of Dip./ M.Sc. in Industry and Environmental Engineering Committee. 2010 – TD Member of the Engineering faculty Examination and Results committee. 2010 – TD Member of the Engineering Faculty Self Evaluation Committee. 2006 – TD Member of the Departmental Examination and Results committee. 2005 – TD Supervisor of the 4th year projects. 2003 – 2007 Unit Operations Lab Supervisor. 2003 – 2007 Inorganic Lab Supervisor. 1999- TD Supervisor of student’s industrial training period in the fields of Petroleum and Sugar.

Research Interest

chemical and Industrial mathematics engineering.

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