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Fabian Cahenzli

Departement of Crop Sciences
Forschungsinstitut fur biologischen Landbau


Fabian Cahenzli had done his Bachelor at the University of Basel and Master at the University of Basel. Topic: The effect of nectar amino acids on female fecundity in the butterfly Coenonympha pamphilus (Lepidoptera, Satyrinae): Consideration of good- and bad larval food treatments. He had done PhD at the University of Basel. Topic: Butterfly fitness under changing food qualities.Since August 2015 he is Scientific collaborator in the Departement of Crop Sciences FiBL, Frick.

Research Interest

Solutions to entomological challenges in different crops, Development of new biocontrol strategies to solve plant protection and weed problems in organic agriculture


  • Cahenzli, F. & Erhardt, A. (2013): Nectar amino acids enhance reproduction in male butterflies. Oecologia, 171: 197-205.

  • Cahenzli, F. & Erhardt, A. (2013): Transgenerational acclimatization in an herbivore-host plant relationship. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 280: 1756 20122856.

  • Cahenzli, F., Wenk, B. A. & Erhardt, A. (2015): Female butterflies adapt and allocate their progeny to the host plant quality of their own larval experience. Ecology 96 (7), 1966-1973

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