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Hervé Perron

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Hervé, JF, Perron has completed his PhD in 1991 (Virology) and HDR (Professor Thesis; Biology) in 2000 from the Faculty of Medicine, Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble-France. He isolated and characterized a novel retroviral element from Multiple Sclerosis (MSRV), itself defining a novel family of human endogenous elements (HERV-W). He reviewed about a hundred manuscripts for more than 40 scientific and medical journals and is author in about 70 peer-reviewed publications. He is presently Chief Scientific Officer of Geneuro SA, Geneva-Switzerland. Geneuro develops innovative humanized antibody treatments for Multiple Sclerosis and for other diseases involving HERV-W as psychoses associating neuroinflammation.

Research Interest

Hervé Perron was Research Director of R&D within bioMérieux for the development of in vitro diagnostics in the domain of Neurological diseases. He was Scientific Director of bioMérieux STELHYS, a spin-off dedicated to the evaluation of developments of upstream research projects. Hervé is a co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of GeNeuro and the general manager of GeNeuro-Innovation.

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