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Richard Lewis

Unit head, Computer-Aided Drug Design at Novartis


Supporting drug discovery projects from inception to clinical candidate and beyond, across a wide range of indications (NS, ATI, Onc,...) and target families (kinases, proteases, PPis, GPCRs, ion channels, epigenetics) Development and application of novel CADD methods for drug discovery (archive enhancement, library design, de novo design, AID, QSAR, crystal form, Machine Learning, AI - over 50 papers published). Conducting and managing projects at the interface of chemistry, and IT. Communicating scientific questions and results to a broader non-scientific community.

Research Interest

 CADD (including cheminformatics, SBDD, QSAR, ML); Data Management; Data Mining; Drug Discovery; General Management; License Negotiations; Project Management; in silico ADMET.

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