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Mbusomuni Mahlalela

National Director
Department ofMedical Sciences
Swaziland Epilepsy Organization


 Mr Mbusomuni Mahlalela (the national director) is the founder and of the Swaziland Epilepsy Organization. The organization was founded in 2002 and registered in 2004. The mandate for the organization is to raise awareness and to help reduce stigmatization associated with people living with epilepsy in the country. In 2006 the SEO affiliated with the IBE. The national director was a vise chairperson in the Road Safety Awareness Council(Epilepsy and Driving). Meetings that have been attended by the national director includes inter alia; Epilepsy Congress in Rome, Dubai 2 times ,Kenya and South Africa.The SEO has worked closely in sharing ideas with the South African Epilepsy Organization which has ensured the introduction of the South African Epilepsy golf in Mpumalanga branch. In Swaziland the national director has ensured the initial start up of the following; 1.epilepsy and driving campaign 2. Swaziland golf day (annual event) 3.Epilepsy yellow valentines 4.Epilepsy marathon 5.Epilepsy happy mother's day 6.Epilepsy cycling 7.Epilepsy support groups initiatives to help sustain the livelihoods for people living with epilepsy. 8. Mbusomuni Mahlalela has worked closely with the Swaziland government and parliament to ensure the availability of epilepsy equipment, and drugs furthermore the rights of people living with epilepsy . and the our website can let what I did for the country about epilepsy.

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