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Delorenzi Mauro

Research Officer
Faculty of Biology and Medicine
Universite de Lausanne

Delorenzi Mauro


Delorenzi Mauro of the Master of Science in Medical Biology hosted by the University of Lausanne.Faculty of Biology and Medicine. Ludwig Lausanne Branch Function (s): Research Officer.  

Research Interest

Our main focus in cancer research is the discovery and validation of biomarkers that can be used to predict or predict the efficacy of a treatment.  Our group has contributed, among other things, to a better understanding of cancer heterogeneity, the establishment of molecular subtypes and the stratification of risks in different types of cancer.


  • Caloric dose-responsive genes in blood cells differentiate the metabolic status of obese men. Gille D., Zangger N., Soneson C., Bütikofer U., Delorenzi M., et al., (2017). 156-165.

  • The Transcription Factor Tcf1 Contributes to Normal NK Cell Development and Function by Limiting the Expression of Granzymes. Jeevan-Raj B., Gehrig J., Charmoy M., Chennupati V., Grandclément C., et al., (2017).

  • RIP4 inhibits STAT3 signaling to sustain lung adenocarcinoma differentiation. Kopparam J., Chiffelle J., Angelino P., Piersigilli A., Zangger N., et al., (2017). 1761-1771.

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