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Rosset Robin

Faculty of Biology and Medicine
Department of Physiology
University of Lausanne

Rosset Robin


Working as graduate assistant.

Research Interest

 Sport sciences and metabolic studies.,


  • Tappy L, Rosset R. (2017) Fructose metabolism from a functional perspective: Implications for athletes. Sports Medicine. 2017 Mar 22: 1-10.

  • Rosset R, Lecoultre V, Egli L, Cros J, Rey V, Stefanoni N, et al., (2017). Endurance Training with or without Glucose-Fructose Ingestion: Effects on Lactate Metabolism Assessed in a Randomized Clinical Trial on Sedentary Men. Nutrients. 9: 411.

  • Rosset R, Egli L, Lecoultre V. (2017). Glucose–fructose ingestion and exercise performance: The gastrointestinal tract and beyond. European journal of sport science. 17: 874-884.

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