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Goran Basic

Associate Professor
women health
Linnaeus University


Goran Basic is an Associate Professor in sociology and a senior lecturer at the Department of Pedagogy, Linnaeus University. His research concerns fieldwork in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has written articles on the postwar society and carried out an evaluation of a project with the juvenile care. His main research and teaching areas: Sociology, Interactionist Theory and Analysis, Ethnography, Narrative Analysis, Social Constructivism, Criminology, War Sociology, Treatment Pedagogics, Social Psychology, Special Pedagogy, Conflict Sociology, Peace and Conflict Studies, Ethnicity, Victimology, Social Work, Strategic Communication, Collaboration, Juvenile Care, Reconciliation, Concentration Camp, Sociological Theory, Substance Abuse Treatment, Qualitative and Quantitative Methods, Operational Police Work, Intelligence Police Work, Identity, Morality, Balkan History, Ethnic Conflicts, War, Youth, Institution, Interviews, Field Work, Refugee, Stigma, Social Comparison, Symbolic Interaction, Ethics, Ethnomethodology, Religion, Migration, Migrant, Diaspora, Nationality, Transition, Unaccompanied Child Refugees, Coordination, Document, Youngster, Project, Coordinator, Triad, Accounting Through Comparison, Role, Struggle, Alliance, Conflict, Conflict Point of Interest, Team, Dyad.

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women health

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