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Lionel Wightman

Chief of Strategic Development
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Dr Lionel Wightman joins AOP Orphan as of 1st January 2017.  He has a scientific background gaining a Welcome Trust Prize PhD studentship studying Prion diseases and received a degree in Applied Biology from Imperial College, London. Lionel has over 20 years’ experience, and his last positions were Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), then CEO at Akron Molecules GmbH focused on the treatment of pain and the CEO of Activartis Biotech GmbH, a cancer vaccine company.  Other positions held previously include Head of Operations and Finance at F-Star GmbH, focused on the development of bi-specific antibodies; and Oridis Biomed GmbH, a company focused on liver diseases.  Lionel was also employed by Boehringer Ingelheim in the biopharmaceutical production unit; and as a research scientist in the areas of cancer vaccines and gene therapy.   Lionel Wightman has also been involved in the financing of biotechnology companies, helping to raise over 40m€ from VC’s, private investors and public funding; and has also been involved in the negotiation of collaboration partnerships with industry and academia with a combined value of over 2 billion bio-dollars.  Lionel brings cross functional experience to AOP over the areas of research & clinical development, pharmaceutical production, finance, legal as well as corporate development.

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