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Govind Kaigala

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Current activities: Govind Kaigala is currently a Research Staff Member in the Science & Technology department of IBM Research–Zurich. His activities are aligned within Precision Diagnostics where he leads activities on a liquid scanning probe technology — Microfluidic probe (MFP) — and is championing new concepts and thinking on: microfluidics in the “open” space tissue microprocessing These ideas have led to new ways to interact with tissue & cellular constructs, and resulted in a new class of molecular methods: micro-immunohistochemistry (μIHC) and micro-fluorescent in situ hybridization (μFISH), and Spatialyse. These molecular methods leverage the unique physics of fluidics, and chemistry at the micrometer length-scales. Such compartmentalization, spatio-temporal analysis, and eletrokinetic concentration/separation methodologies are now being applied to query heterogeneity, alter microenvironments, and in bio-patterning. Selected current projects as PI: EU ERC Project — BioProbe Project — ufluidx EU ITN Project — Virtual Vials EU ERC PoC Project – BioProbe-PIT

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