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Jean Fompeyrine holds a PhD in Solid State Chemistry from the University Bordeaux I (1995), and joined IBM Research - Zurich in 1996 as a research associate. Using MBE for the deposition of oxide thin films, he focused on their use in active devices for information technologies. His research interest spanned different areas of research, from superconducting devices to ferroelectric memories or exchange biased layer in GMR heads. He was appointed Research Staff Member in April 1999, and established a research axis on the development of crystalline oxide directly grown on silicon, and on their use as a replacement candidate for silicon dioxide as a gate dielectric in field effect transistors. He currently manages the Advanced Functional Materials group at IBM Research - Zurich. This effort focuses on the development of high-κ dielectrics and high-mobility channels such as compound semiconductors in advanced semiconductor devices, targeting technology nodes smaller than 14 nm. Dr. Fompeyrine is a member of the European Materials Research Society, holds about 10 patents and submitted about 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals. He has been the IBM coordinator for the FP5-EU-IST "INVEST" project, and one of the key person for the FP6-EU-IST "ET4US" and FP7-EU-ICT "DualLogic" projects.

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