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Neil Ebejer

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
IBM Research


Dr. Neil Ebejer joined IBM Research – Zurich as a postdoctoral research assistant in December of 2014. His research is focused on redox flow electrochemistry for power delivery and liquid cooling (REPCOOL), fabrication and packaging of a high fluid velocity, micro-redox flow battery with integrated membrane, and the development of a chemical resistant, high fluid velocity microfluidic test rig with integrated thermal measurements, including software control. Prior to joining IBM, Neil was a process engineer at Intel Corporation (Ireland), where he was responsible for process control, keeping up with production requirements and in-line defect reduction. Neil received his PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Warwick in 2012 with his thesis entitled "Development and Application of Pipet-Based Electrochemical Imaging Techniques." He received a Master of Chemistry degree from the University of Leicester in 2008 with his thesis entitled "Synthesis and investigations of polyaniline / single walled carbon nanotube composites".

Research Interest

Electrochemistry, Physical Chemistry

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