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Rémy Bruggmann

University of Bern


He is the Interfaculty in University of Bern for bioinformatics He is the Interfaculty in University of Bern for bioinformatics

Research Interest

Software process assessment and improvement Qualified electronic signature and applications Error-correcting codes Intelligent educational systems and technology-enhanced learning Global optimization, optimal design, visualization of multidimensional data Web services and internet technologies, spatial databases Data mining, bioinformatics Computer graphics, computer aided design BDI logics Color applications Retrieval of logical proof Neural networks, pattern recognition Object oriented technologies in distributed systems National language support Mobile telecommunications Optical character recognition Automated theorem proving Computational intelligence and machine learning in finance Portfolio construction artificial history for financial time series Machine learning, market data analysis, high frequency trading, market liquidity analysis Modal logics, artificial intelligence Enterprise-wide process capability assessment and improvement Innovation and technology transfer process capability maturity modeling Product line for official electronic documents creation and verification Graph theory, data structures and algorithms, algorithm analysis

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